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Double Stage Blowers

The air that is blown out of our Double Stage Ring Blowers is spread over a wide distance and do not have one single direction. Having compact size, these are completely easy to carry and transport from one place to other. These blowers undergo a double stage blowing process that enables the air casting device attached to it with high efficiency. The whole body of these blowers is casted out of aluminum sheets. This sheet provides them absolute safety from the external degrading agents like corrosion, pollution, etc. The impeller is attached to a fan that has a high rotating speed and not do slow down even in low power. The inlet silencer of these blowers forces the air to pass through the rotating fan to avoid any wastage.

Extra features

  • The movement of air out of these ring blowers is very swift.
  • Once installed, they do not require any type of maintenance.
  • The working fans run clockwise for wide directional air blowing.
  • These do not require frequent cleaning, oiling or greasing.
Double Stage Ring Blower
Double Stage Ring Blower
2GH Double Stage Ring Blower